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How I Make My Color Choices

When given a color choice or color combinations, I know what looks good together.

I am very good with copying color when it is set up in a still-life, or a photo.

But what if the color isn't quite right in the still-life or photo? Or, what if I want to change it? That's when I struggle. I've always had a hard time making up a color.

So, I have a plan! I make color swatches from colors and color combinations that I like. I look at other artists’ work that I admire and try to match the colors and color combinations. For example: Carol Marine, Nicholas Wilton, Tara Will, Carlos San Millán.

Then on Instagram, I follow the paint company, Farrow & Ball. Here is an amusing and delightful way they explain their colors, "A softened citrus shade inspired by the lemon trees that thrive in California's temperate climate. This earthy shade is a contemporary take on true chartreuse and will bring a sweep of joy to any space".​ I love their paint colors, their explanations, and maybe because my maiden name is Farrow??? ;)

I always look forward to the Crate and Barrel catalog. They have a beautifully designed layout, wonderful colors, and color combinations.

I make color swatches on 4"x 2" paper and write down what colors I used for them. That way, I KNOW that I can make them.

Here's a painting that I'm working on. I have selected some of my color swatches, and I place them on my panel to see what could work. Because they are on 4" x 2" paper, I am able to pick them up, move them, and choose which ones I like better. It's always a work in progress!

How do you find color inspiration? I’d love to hear all about it! Leave a comment below or send me an email.

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