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I love teaching new painters the basics as much as I love encouraging and advising more seasoned artists.

With years as an athletic coach, professional artist, and homeschooling mom of four kids, I can work with all learning styles and enjoy figuring out the best ways to communicate a new concept.

Whether you’re completely new to painting or you’re looking to build on knowledge you already have, my classes are perfect for you if:

  • You’ve dreamed of learning to paint for years—and finally have time after raising your kids.

  • You’re a seasoned painter who wants to develop confidence and motivation or refresh your skills.

  • You’re curious to learn about value, composition, and color.

  • You want to hang out with a wonderful group of fellow friends and artists.



Holiday Ornament Class

Bring your friends, family, or coworkers, over a fun holiday activity! 


Mixed Media Workshop
In this mixed-media class, I will teach you the technique, but you bring the story in the form of collage paper: photos, letters, a written poem...

I walked into Annie's studio during the Portland Open Studios Tour and fell in love with her excitement to share her work and knowledge.

I have a graphic design background and have taken many drawing classes. But putting paint on canvas has always felt a bit scary to me. Annie helps you break down the process and address the basics along with what you personally need to work on.

Each class I have attended I feel she has helped me see something new and helped me over another painting hurdle. She is very invested in her art and her students. Just can't say enough!

Jackie Dooris, Portland, Oregon

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I hold a group meeting in my studio to paint and have lunch every other Monday. Typically, I demonstrate whatever techniques and/or media I'm currently exploring. I encourage studio participants to play with the media and try out the new techniques.

The goal of studio is for participants to work independently on their own projects. They can opt to get input from the group and guidance from me.

Studio class is lots of fun, and I’m happy to report that class is full, but I’ll keep you posted!.

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Annie Salness is one of those rare art teachers who freely shares her knowledge, encourages students enthusiastically and nudges them to keep exploring. So far I've completed two painting courses with her and joined her ongoing studio sessions.

I love how Annie breaks painting techniques down into repeatable steps yet does so in a way that promotes creativity and self expression.

– Jacqueline Sowell, Portland, Oregon


What are you looking for?

  • An evening class? Afternoon? Morning? Weekend?

  • How many sessions?

  • What topics would you like covered?

  • Are you interested in learning to paint or having time to practice?


I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me and let me know what you’re interested in. I am still scheduling fall classes at my studio and at Village Gallery of Arts.