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In a Engineers Home….

30"x 30"

acrylic on canvas

Here is the finished commission (custom artwork)I did for the couple that I mentioned here

They have a beautiful home, but they wanted more color in their living room. Her favorite flower was the Gerbera (gerber?) daisy and I agreed to do a painting of a floral arrangement.  I said, since I am doing this just for you, do you want to put some meaning into it?  Maybe a letter from a grandmother; photos; a memorable item; a vase? They decided on vases. The tall vase is from his grandmother, (all the way from Ireland) and the lady's head is from her mother. 

They loved it! 

Listening to while I paint:

Podcast:  Alec Baldwin hosts, "Here's The Thing"

                 Peter Sagal hosts,   "Wait, Wait.... Don't Tell Me!"

Audio Books:   Jules Verneauthor ofAround The World In Eighty Days, narrated by the                                        FABULOUS  Jim Dale!


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