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EVERYONE IS CREATIVE: Alison Knox, Stylist

May 25, 2019 | Annie Salness | No Comments | Blog, creativity

Periodically, I will post a section called, Everyone Is Creative (even if they don’t think so!). I’ll be interviewing a business owner, teacher, coach, or artist and asking them how they use creativity both in business and in their daily life. And, so I can keep my own creativity, I’ll paint a painting based on their work! In fact, you can see my work in People-Watching, inspired by Alison.

The beautiful Alison Knox!

After my stroke, I was getting really frustrated with my clothes and getting dressed every day. When I went shopping, it took me too long to try on anything and I also had some restrictions on what I could or would feel comfortable wearing. (elastic waist, please!) Shoes were a big problem because walking was an issue… sigh. I was wearing yoga pants and tennis shoes everywhere!

And then I met Alison Knox. She is a personal stylist and she saved my fashion life! She came to my home, interviewed me about my condition, restrictions and clothes preferences; and she explored my closet. She then went online and created some of her fashion finds —clothes ideas customized for me that I could use when I went online to shop. She helped me feel both comfortable and fashionable–and I started to like getting dressed again.

On my morning bike ride, I’m checking out Alison’s “Finds” so I can do some shopping

I love how creative she is in her approach to style. When you’re Alison’s client, she helps you see what was hidden from you and what your look could be. She really “reads” people. She gets to know you and is very easy to talk to. And her energy is lovely!

Annie: What did you do before you became a stylist?

Alison: Prior to becoming a personal stylist, I worked for a small, management consulting firm in the Bay Area called The Table Group.  We focused on leadership, teamwork and building healthy organizations and as the first point of contact for anyone reaching out for help, I guided individuals through our methodology and offerings.   Working for an organization focused on helping teams get to know each other on a deeper level, I was able to further my natural ability to read people and situations well, which has been priceless with ensuring my clients feel safe, heard, understood and, most importantly, are having fun.

Annie: How did you come up with the idea to do what you’re doing?

Alison: For as long as I can remember, I have been a student of style and fashion, paying close attention to what I am drawn to while also learning what specific looks and styles work best for my body.   It wasn’t long before my image consulting moved beyond myself to those around me. I quickly became the person who others naturally came to for style tips, assistance with strategic shopping or a second opinion for closet analysis.  I began styling my friends and family as a hobby and quickly noticed the significant impact it was having, not only on their clothing but also on them as people. With a move back home to Portland in 2015 came the question of my next career move and personal styling seemed the obvious and most fulfilling fit.

Annie: How do you use creativity in your daily work-life?

Alison: With my work being extremely aesthetic-driven and focused to the unique individual, there is a constant need for creativity and inspiration.

My environment is essential in my creative process and since I work from home a fair amount when I’m not with clients, I make sure my home is uncluttered, relaxing and a beautiful space to easily get focused and feel inspired.  I rely on a few outside sources to stimulate my own creativity, Instagram and Portland people-watching. I love hanging out at a coffee shop or cafe and simply paying close attention to how individuals have put their outfit together, use of color, texture, shape and silhouette can be such a creative catalyst for me.

Annie: What’s the next thing you would love to create?

Alison: This year, a big goal of mine is to create a virtual styling experience;  fun, engaging and informative videos that make style accessible and exciting for anyone.  I have so much fun with my clients and it’s always an incredibly rewarding process in their closets and I’m envisioning how that could be translated to more men and women who might not live near me or are not yet able to hire me for themselves.  This idea has been marinating for me ever since I launched my business almost 4 years ago and I’m looking forward to making it a reality!

If you’d like to learn more about Alison and her super-creative business, check out her online homes.

Who do you know who’s approaching life and work in a creative way? I’d love to hear about them–just drop me a line at


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