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Carol Marine's Workshop – Stroke Update

Click here to purchase Here are some of the paintings I did at Carol Marine's workshop in Springfield, OR. (about 1 1/2 hours south of Portland)  It was WONDERFUL!!!! 

We studied items in white, glass, reflections, flowers and metal. 

Carol went over a printed handout each morning going through 

the different processes/objectives for the day, and then she did a demo. 

One of the best things about it was watching her paint:   

the layout;

her palette; 

her strokes;

stepping back;

her highlights....what she calls "bling";

and then we painted the rest of the day. 

I think that all of us students agreed that having Carol around to 

give helpful critiques was a HUGE benefit!

 I got back to the hotel about 4:30 in the afternoon and immediately went to bed! 

(Not really, I stayed up until 6:30? I was sooooooo tired!)

Stroke update:

This workshop was a big success for me. My husband and my two youngest daughters drove me down to Springfield and stayed the first night with me....then I was on my own! There I was: 2 hrs. south of home, in a hotel, taking the shuttle to and from the workshop, by myself for the first time since my stroke! This week I learned not only about painting but I also gained new confidence in my independence!

About a year ago I announced on Facebook that I would be running by this July. 

Well, recovering from a stroke is taking a little longer than I had planned, so, I will strive for next July. If I end up running sooner, I will definitely let you know!!!!! :) 

Listening to while I paint:

Podcasts: The Alton Browncast, hosted by Alton Brown

The Lede, hosted by Jerod Morris

Artists Helping Artists, hosted by Leslie Saeta

Social Media Examiner, hosted by Michael Stelzner

"Wait, Wait.... Don't Tell Me!", hosted by Peter Sagal

Music: my iPod

Really helpful!: 

I am continually checking a dictionary, thesaurus, spell check, but one thing that has been particularly helpful is the grammar check! Please excuse any errors that I make and tell me! :)


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