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Carol Marine's Workshop – Stroke Update

July 20, 2014|Annie Salness Artist|No Comments|6x6,Annie Salness,Carol Marine,cup,daisy,demo,flowers,green glass,metal,reflections,strawberries,White

Click here to purchase Here are some of the paintings I did at Carol Marine's workshop in Springfield, OR. (about 1 1/2 hours south of Portland)  It was WONDERFUL!!!! 

We studied items in white, glass, reflections, flowers and metal. 

Carol went over a printed handout each morning going through 

the different processes/objectives for the day, and then she did a demo. 

One of the best things about it was watching her paint:   

the layout;

her palette; 

her strokes;

stepping back;

her highlights....what she calls "bling";

and then we painted the rest of the day. 

I think that all of us students agreed that having Carol around to 

give helpful critiques was a HUGE benefit!

 I got back to the hotel about 4:30 in the afternoon and immediately went to bed! 

(Not really, I stayed up until 6:30? I was sooooooo tired!)

Stroke update:

This workshop was a big success for me. My husband and my two youngest daughters drove me down to Springfield and stayed the first night with me....then I was on my own! There I was: 2 hrs. south of home, in a hotel, taking the shuttle to and from the workshop, by myself for the first time since my stroke! This week I learned not only about painting but I also gained new confidence in my independence!

About a year ago I announced on Facebook that I would be running by this July. 

Well, recovering from a stroke is taking a little longer than I had planned, so, I will strive for next July. If I end up running sooner, I will definitely let you know!!!!! :) 

Listening to while I paint:

Podcasts: The Alton Browncast, hosted by Alton Brown