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Pears, ©Annie Salness, 16”x 16”x 1.5”, mixed-media, framed, available


Pears is part of my Kitchen Tools and Recipes 2024 Calendar.

Based on Lieta Gratteri's Pear Bread recipe, I was inspired by Carol Marine’s painting, “Apple Shadows.”

Lieta and I reconnected via Darcy DeBord, owner of White Birch Design Co. She joined me and a few other artist friends for an artist's play date. Learning more about Lieta's watercolor art and having her recommend a tasty recipe was so enjoyable!

"We had a pear tree, and I hadn't heard of Pear Bread until I saw it in the Oregonian. I've used it with all kinds of fruit; it always turns out nice and moist! I think with the yogurt, it helps."

-Lieta Gratteri,


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