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Gorgonzola/Figs, ©Annie Salness, 16”x 16”x 1.5”, mixed-media, framed.

This is part of my Kitchen Tools & Recipes 2024 Calendar. 

This recipe was contributed by Michele.


Michele  is the owner of Sprig and Spread, a creator of unforgettable charcuterie boards, grazing tables, and boxes for those looking to create a luxury experience of engaging hospitality. While I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Michele in person, I have enjoyed getting to know this mother of three and successful business owner, and anxiously await a chance to meet her! I’m grateful that she gave me the opportunity to hear about her rich childhood with so many beautiful cultural influences from her Italian-American heritage, and am thankful that we all now have an opportunity to bring some of this into our own homes.


"Growing up in an Italian-American family, my grandparents savored every fresh produce and flavor that reminded them of their homeland. Every summer, we’d drive to our family farm and savor every bite of ripe figs straight off the tree. Figs remind me of my late grandmother, Lucy. You knew that if she cut a ripe fig in half, stuffed it with a raw almond off the tree, and gave it to YOU, you were the favorite that day! (Side note: I WAS ALWAYS the favorite. Please don’t tell my brother!). The creamy texture of Italian Gorgonzola, matched with the sweetness of figs, goes hand in hand."



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