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Dutch Oven, ©Annie Salness, 16”x 16”x 1.5”, mixed-media, framed, 

This is part of my Kitchen Tools & Recipes 2024 Calendar


Chris Groves has been a family friend for a few years now, introduced to us by our lovely son, Thomas. Chris is a contractor who has helped us with SO many home projects. Living in a 70-year-old house means that issues are bound to pop up, but Chris is always smiling, reassuring, and comforting. Not only is he a contractor, but he is also a phenomenal cook, and so to hear this story and to hear about one of his favorite kitchen tools was such a treat! I love getting to know the person behind the painting, and I am thankful Chris let me view this little snapshot of an important tool that reminds him of his mother’s home cooking. 


“A Christmas gift from my Mom, this Dutch Oven is something I fry in, bake bread, make soups, and much more. My Wife says this Minestrone recipe is her favorite food I make. Every time I look at it, I'm reminded of my Mom's home cooking!”

-Chris Groves, Groves Construction




Dutch Oven - PURCHASED

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