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Chinese Chicken Salad  ©Annie Salness, 16”x 16”x 1.5”, mixed-media, framed

This is part of my Kitchen Tools & Recipes 2024 Calendar.


I love how I get to meet new people AND new artists through my paintings, and Carrie Moore is included in that amazing number! Carrie is a delightful person with incredible talent and creativity. She does pastel painting, leather designing, printmaking, and sculpts with copper. She hosts workshops in her a wonderful barn. I was thankful to have the chance to get to learn about her work AND this delicious recipe, with such a fun story to accompany it!


"My favorite dish is called Chinese Chicken Salad. (With a close second being tuna casserole with rice, NOT noodles, which to this day makes many of my sisters “gag”.) 

This salad is sweet, savory, fresh, crunchy, and full of protein. I highly recommend it!"

-Carrie Moore, , @carriemoorestudios5



Chinese Chicken Salad - PURCHASED

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