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Stroke Update – Lifting Hooks

It's been three years since my stroke. I keep getting stronger (slowly) every day. 

A few weeks ago, I had a trainer at my club,  Joni Neilson (International Federation of Body Builders...she's fabulous!), suggest that I might try these lifting hooks. (well, 1 anyway....)

As you can see, the hook fits inside my hand and rests inside my palm and fingers. This is so my fingers and the hook work as a unit. They are, "Designed to enhance grip and reduce finger fatigue".

It has made such a difference! I lift about 5 times a week and before when using my right hand, my fingers gave out as the weight increased. Now I can lift more (they can lift 825 lbs) AND I can use both hands! Something I couldn't do before. I felt like crying when after three years I could use both hands, but it probably wouldn't go over too well in the weight room with all those guys...

Thank you Joni!!!!


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