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Remembering "Soup’s On!"

Over the years, I’ve met a lot of wonderful people. There are all the great parents at the kids’ sports events. Families we know from church. Friends from the club where I worked out. And our excellent neighbors. The only challenge was that I’d see them at a certain time and place, and then wouldn’t have a reason to see them any more. It made me sad. So, my brilliant solution, before my stroke, was to hold a “Soup’s On!” get-together about 8 times a year.

If they were interested, I’d put them on my email list and invite them to stop by on a Friday between 12 and 6 p.m. to have a bowl of soup and some conversation.

It was “Come As You Are”—whether they were just stopping by for a quick lunch, on their way to pick up the kids, go to the store, or heading home from work. And they didn’t have to RSVP; this way I could be surprised by who showed up, and they wouldn’t feel any pressure if their plans changed. I had about 100 people on my list so we always had a good crowd.

To make it easy, I’d make two big pots of soup and serve it with paper bowls and plastic spoons. It was a wonderful way for me to enjoy the people in my life. I loved introducing them to new friends and they could often catch up with friends they hadn’t seen recently.

I have to say though, I did it mostly for me. That way I could keep track of all the people I loved. It was so great to sit down and share a bite to eat with them, catch up with their news, and enjoy the mix of people from all parts of my life!

These days, I still love having friends over, gathering my students together and making lunch for small groups of friends and colleagues.

And I send out my postcards.

Again, it’s mostly for me…

When I choose the artwork to feature and put each card in the mailbox, I get to remember each of  these people in my life, how I know them and all the memories we have together. I love keeping in touch this way.

Do you receive my cards? If not, just send me an email with your mailing address so I can send them to you!

And, next time you receive something from me in the mail, just remember that it’s me saying,”Hi, Friend!”


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