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My 2018 Calendars are Here!

I’m so excited to share my new 2018 calendar!  At the beginning of each year, I narrow down the theme of the coming year’s edition. This year I decided on the idea of “FLAVORS”. I asked 12 art friends and colleagues for their recipe and story submissions. I would use ingredients from their recipes as inspiration for the paintings.

Along came the first entry. My writing friend, Madeleine Eno, sent a very tasty recipe, SWEET POTATO CURRY. Hmmmmm… a sweet potato in a painting? How would that work?

I could use glass! I decided to add glassware to all of my paintings.

It made doing paintings of lemons, mushrooms, and cilantro much more fun and challenging. Check them out for yourself here, and if you order, use FREE SHIPPING! They make wonderful holiday gifts.


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