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Hawaiian Turtle

Hawaiian Turtle

30"x 40"

acrylic on canvas


This was for clients whose favorite vacation spot is Hawaii:

"We go to Hawaii as often as we can- We fell in love with the islands when we took a Hawaiian cruise in 2006.


Each Island is so unique. Our favorites are Maui and the big Island of Hawaii. We've gone back 5 times since that cruise. We've been lucky enough to discover turtles in the water or on the beach each visit. I'm always fascinated with how slow and agile they glide through the water. The photos we shared with you for this painting were from a visit 3 years ago to the Kona side of Hawaii. The beach was very quiet that day, and we discovered several turtles resting on the beach near the black rocks. We couldn't stop looking at them and comparing their shells and unique characteristics. This guy in particular seemed very tired and happy to just nap on the beach and soak up the sun! We sat down near him and did the same ; )"

Here is the process:

I drew out the image with vine charcoal so I could erase it (if necessary!), then I'd fix it or secure it with a workable fixative.

Thank goodness for Brian Buckrell! 

He is a wonderful painter. He introduced me to acrylic pens. I have only begun using them, but they helped me draw out the lines on the turtle.

Listening to while I paint:

Audiobook: "Someday, Someday, Maybe", by Lauren Graham read by the author

Podcast: Social Media Examiner, by Michael Stelzner

The Nerdist, by Chris Hardwick

Here's The Thinghosted by Alec Baldwin

The Alton Browncast, hosted by Alton Brown

 Oh So Pinteresting, hosted by Cynthia Sanchez

Music: my ipod

A link that I found that will help me with my grammer!


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