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Daisy, Studio Tip, Stroke Update

April 6, 2015|Annie Salness|Comments Off|Annie Salness,Blog,boards,Carol Marine,daisy,David Darrow,green glass,Karin Jurick,Michael Orwick,panels,Scott Conary,studio tip

Daisy, Green Vase

6"x 6", Framed

oil on gessoboard

Studio Tip:

I like to paint on panels and boards, and my friend, Doug, built a storage system to hold them. 

Now.... I needed to come up with a way to hold/support them on my easel. 

There is a "lip" that covers up the upper and lower part of your panel.

I tried to sit the panel on the "lip"and it didn't work. It wasn't secure. (it fell down......scary!!!)

So, in my efforts to come up with a remedy, I have found some solutions:

David Darrow  -"My board is 2ft x 2ft x 1/2” birch plywood. I bought a flat, aluminum “bar” at a hardware store, cut too 12” pieces from it, and drilled holes through them both. I set a panel onto it, then somewhere along the top edge I stab a screw into the board very close to the painting. Sometimes the threads hold it in place, other times, the wide head of the screw. 

I have been using this board for 15 years, so far."

Scott Conary -"On my small easel, I've added some bits of wood so that 1/4" panel has something to brace against."

David and Scott made these supports/braces and are master woodworkers! 

Now, I could do Michael Orwick's approach:

He screwed 4 screws; .2 at the top and 2 at the bottom of his easel to support the panel.

Or..... I can just buy one...

Carol Marine-"designed by David Marine - holds the panel still and allows you to paint off every edge with nothing in the way."Carol Marine's Easel

Karin Jurick the "Paint On" easel comes in two forms: one that fits on your stand-up easel and one that is a tabletop easel. 

Karin Jurick's Easel

 Any other suggestions???