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Coffee, With Her

February 26, 2019 | Annie Salness | No Comments | Blog

As I set out to make a painting to go with this new blog, Everyone Is Creative,  I thought of the Bennetts, a husband and wife team, making a bold move, roasting coffee and making jams, together, starting a business… What could I paint? I searched the internet for anything that could spark an idea. And I came across this quote by Johnny Cash:

It was his description of paradise.

What a perfect quote to be incorporated into my painting about Mark and René Bennett.

I started by setting up many still lifes for this painting:

And I decided on this one:

Here is the initial layout:

I collaged the quote:

Here’s the process… I always keep a black and white copy of the image so I can check the values:

And then I take a picture of my painting and convert it into a black and white copy to compare it to the image to check the values:

I always turn my painting to the side or upside down to check the shapes, negative shapes and proportions:

And here is the final piece. I went back over the words of the quote to darken them, make them more clear:

“Coffee With Her”  20 x 16 x 1 inch, mixed media on cradled panel,

SOLD ©Annie Salness


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