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After The Beach

After The Beach

8"x 10"



A recent commission painting I did for a client and quote from her:

           "Julep is my brown-eyed rescue, age 1-ish. Julep's little bestie and partner in naughtiness is Chance Jones, whose guardian is my best friend Suzy Jones. He is 2-ish.

Both dogs are the happiest dogs in the world. They love playing in all the beautiful trails and beaches of the San Francisco and Marin County and their very favorite is wrestling 'til someone yelps. Julep has brought me more joy than I can measure. I'm looking for a new house with a big fat yard so I can go back to SPCA and get her a friend to play with every day!"

Listening to while I paint:

Audio Books: "Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy" , by John Le Carre', narrated by                                  Michael Jayston

Podcasts: The Alton Browncast hosted by Alton Brown 

Social Media Marketing hosted by Michael Stelzner

Off Camera With Sam Jones , hosted by Sam Jones

Music: my iPod


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