Mixed-Media Class




Who: Friends, Family, NO art experience needed!

For this class, I will teach you the technique, but I want you to bring the story.


To do this, here are some things for you to think about...


What/whom you are doing the mixed media/collage for?

  • Yourself?

  • Your kids?

  • Partner?

  • Grandparents?

  • A place?

  • A time in your childhood?

Some things to think about:

  • Favorite Colors?

  • Foods?

  • Restaurants?

  • Music groups? 

  • Toys?

  • Nature?

  • Outdoor Adventures?

Then, you can start collecting collage materials to bring to class:

  • Pictures (or take them?) 

  • Letters (from a loved one) 

  • Numbers (your address?) 

  • Menus (of restaurants that you love!) 

  • Logos (Starbucks?)

  • Wrapping paper 

  • Music

  • Etc.


*** If you are concerned about using your original collage pieces, you can print them on a laser printer.

I would like you to pick out 2 or 3 colors. Colors that you (or whoever) would love! And I will show you how to mix them. 










Here is an example of some of the collage papers that I have that are available to you.

I have pinned some examples of other artist's work on Pinterest. PLEASE follow this link to get some helpful inspiration and pick 3 that you like.

At the start of class you will get:

  • 2 -12"x 12"x 1.5" cradled panels. (pictured below) 

  • Tools, paint brushes

  • Collage papers

  • Paint, drawing things

  • 2 sheets of paper that you can scribble on, loosely paint on, make marks on, etc., to use as collage papers

  • "Glue" that you can adhere collage papers to your panel


During the class we will:

  • Prepare the panels 

  • Mix your colors

  • You'll get the big sheets of paper that you can make collage papers out of. THIS is REALLY  fun!!!

  • I will go over the collage technique 

  • Your collage papers will be dry, and you can start collaging! AND, I will have my collage papers that you can use.

REMEMBER to bring collage materials and the 2 or 3 colors that we will mix to make your collage unique and special to you!