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I'm am so excited to be offering this class! 

This is for beginning, intermediate, experienced, and even non-artists...actually, everybody!  

In this mixed-media class, I will teach you the technique, but you bring the story in the form of collage paper: photos, letters, your favorite color, a written poem...

Then you will make your own collage papers, use what you have brought, and make a piece of artwork that is specially made for you and by you!

When: Saturday AND  Sunday 10:00 a.m.- 1:30 p.m.

Who: Ages 11 and above. All experience levels are welcome! 

Where: To start with,  Cedar Hills Farmers Market on Murray and Cornell Rd. in the parking lot of Safeway. Then will my home studio, 12545 NW Coleman Dr, Portland OR, 97229

Max Number: 5



  • 11"x 14" or 12"x 12" panel

  • Paint

  • Brushes

  • Palette

  • Indivual 

  • Beverages

  • Snacks

Request a private class: If you have a group of at least 4 friends/family, email me and we can set aside a time for a private class that works for everybody!

To ask questions or to register:



Who: Everybody!

Here are some things for you to think about...


What/whom you are doing the mixed media/collage for?

  • Your kids?

  • Grandparents?

  • A place?

  • A time in your childhood?

Things to ponder:

  • Favorite Colors?

  • Foods?

  • Toys?

  • Outdoor Adventures?

Then, you can start collecting collage materials to bring to class:

  • Pictures (or take them?) 

  • Letters (from a loved one) 

  • Numbers (your address?) 

  • Logos (Starbucks? A Game?)

  • Etc.


*** If you are concerned about using your original collage pieces, you can print them on a laser printer.

I would like you to pick out 2 or 3 colors. Colors that you (or whoever) would love! And I will show you how to mix them. 

My client uses a Pinterest Board to gather her colors










Here is an example of some of the collage papers that I have that are available to you.

I have pinned some examples of other artist's work on Pinterest. PLEASE follow this link to get some helpful inspiration and pick 3 that you like.

At the start of class you will get:

  • Cradled panels. (pictured below) 

  • Tools, paint brushes

  • Collage papers

  • Paint, drawing things

  • 2 sheets of paper that you can scribble on, loosely paint on, make marks on, etc., to use as collage papers

  • "Glue" that you can adhere collage papers to your panel


During the class we will:

  • Prepare the panels 

  • Go over Value, (black and white)

  • Cool things on the phone!

  • Mix your colors

  • Go over the collage technique 

  • HAVE FUN!!!

REMEMBER to bring collage materials and the 2 or 3 colors that we will mix to make your collage unique and special to you!




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