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I am excited to invite you to an event given by Village Gallery, where I will share my journey after a life-altering stroke and how my artistic expression has evolved. I transitioned from biomedical illustration to creating stylized abstract landscapes, still lifes, and collage paintings.
I hope to offer “valuable insights,” and there will also be interactive demonstrations. I hope to see you there! 😁

July 16th, 6:30 pm, The Opal, 12691 NW Dogwood St, Ptld.
The admission is free, but please register:

Sharon Dunham at

Space is limited!

Photo by Chris Goldthorpe

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A commissioned work is a painting I create just for you – a memory of your pet or your child, or something that goes with your couch. Because it will be with you for a long time, the painting is my investment in you.

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Whether it’s a child’s curious face, a crowded scene at a farmers market, or a freshly-picked carrot, each painting is a brand-new process of discovery for me.

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Two of my favorite things are meeting new people (you!) and making art. And when I’m working with beginning or advanced students, teaching what I’ve learned is a perfect combination of the two.

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